Attractions in the area & Sri Lanna National Park

Mae Ngad Dam

The Mae Ngat dam amidst the Sri Lanna National Park.

Apart from supplying essential irrigation and electricity to surrounding areas, the Mae Ngad Dam is a wonderful place for both adventure and relaxation. Take a motorboat or kayak along the lake; there are a number of floating raft houses which offer a great spot for lunch on the lake.

Bua Tong Waterfall

BuaTong waterfall, also known as "the sticky waterfall", located 16km from Le Cocotier

This stunning waterfall not only offers a peaceful haven within the tropical forest but also a unique experience - you can CLIMB the waterfall! The sticky surface enables you to climb up the rocks covered in cascading water with just your bare feet and hands. Also known as the Sticky Waterfall!

Sri Lanna National Park

Si Lanna National Park, a serene National Park in Chiang Mai province

Covering 1,406 sq kilometres of tropical forest, mountain ranges, rivers and lakes, the Sri Lanna National Park is home to an abundance or flora and fauna. From mountain biking to kayaking to hiking; the opportunities for adventures in the park are vast.

Wat Ban Den temple

Wat Ban Den Temple - Impressive Temple in the serene valley.

Glistening behind the rice fields, we can see one of the largest and most spectacular temples in Chiang Mai province. The complex contains an ordination hall, viharn, meditation hall, monks living quarters, drum hall and several other buildings constructed in traditional architectural style. We usually stop by this Temple on our cycling tours.

Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park Chiang Mai - the elephant conservation center

Northern Thailand's most highly acclaimed elephant rescue and rehabilitation center which provides a natural environment for elephants and many other animals. The Elephant Nature Park greet volunteers and visitors, to contribute to the healing of these animals while learning about their lives past and present. ENP is located 25km from Le Cocotier, and we can reserve a visit for our guests (advance notice only).